let druggle solve all of your problems. he can give you advice on anything, but his specialty is... relationships. now you're cooking with pimp daddy druggle.
lets get this thing off to a bang with some letters.
hey, uhhh.. druggle.. where's droggle/bobble?

you know too much! *bam bam bam bam bam bam* *reload* *bam bam bam bam bam bam*

druggle, im a guy, and i suddenly realized, i was terribly attracted to my best male friend... and im getting less and less attracted to my girlfriend all the time... well, last night, i slept with my best friend... im so confused... i dont know what to think

one time, i was playing frisbee with a friend, and well, my friend throws the frisbee pretty hard, and well, when i turned around, i had a very unpleasent feeling as a large projectile lodged itself into my rectum. well, over the time, ive acquired paranormal powers from the incident, like i can move yellow spoons a quarter of an inch with my mind, but only when they're atop a furnished oak hardwood dinner table... painted purple. well, it happened once, and i did hit my knee on the table... but you never know. i also have an increased pants waist size. i have two questions... one, do you think im god? two, do you think it's possible to carry on a steady relationship with the frisbee?

who the hell's playing a mean joke on druggle?
druggle, im so sad... my girlfriend broke up with me... and well... i dont know what to do... i just mope around all day

and what the hell makes you think i care? oh wait, this is my letters section.. woop, my bad. well... uhhh... too bad and stuff. NEXT.