[mario], well, what do you think link? should abortians be legal?

[link], in my personal opinion, no, i think two people need to decide to have a baby, and they need to have that baby, not kill it.

[megaman], link, we have to consider rape.

[link], that only happens in the movies.

[mario], no it doesn't. *gestures at druggle*

[link], hahah, good one.

[druggle], what you say, bitch?! WHAT YOU SAY?!

[mario], i was complimenting you on your socks.

[druggle], oh. thank you. hey, im not wearing any - *thud*

[mario], was the axe totally necessary?

[megaman], ive got one more axe, bitch, you just shut up and continue.

[mario] fair enough. back to the subject. my opinion, is that, if the two people arent married, then they should be able to get an abortian but -

[megaman] megaman wish he was real boy

[link] oh god, not this again...

[megaman] megaman just robot with no feelings, i try to pet kitty, but i crush it in iron grip.

[link] you dont have a cat. wait a minute, but i do... what no.. noo noo! FLUFFY! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

[megaman] megaman sorry.

[link] its okay.. im okay... lets continue...

[mario] yes, well, ummmm...

[link] what have you got there?! what are you trying to hide.

[mario] yes, well, umm.. its my uhhhh... new wallet

[link] you got a new wallet? interesting, let me - hey, that cats hide wallet. wha-? cat hide...? FLUFFY! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YOU SKINNED FLUFFY! IM GOING TO KIll YOU!

[mario] megaman! the axe, use the other axe!

[link] FLUUUUUUUUUFF - *thud*

[mario] i get his boots.