[mario], my creation! its finally coming together! its alive alive its alive!

[toad], ..--..--..

[megaman], wha what is it dr mario

[itsmariosilly!!], its... its a toad!

[link], well, what does he do?

[mario], he.... dances!

[all] YYAYAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! everybody shake your hips!

[megaman], megamen do not have hips


[megaman], hey that hurt megamans feelings when you laugh at megaman - hey whats that

[mario], its the artmificial hip fairy!!!

[megaman], whoah megaman dont like to be touched there

[link], but look megaman you can move your hips now!

[megaman], yaaaaaaaaaaaaay


[link], so what was todays debate topic today mario

[mario], todays debate topic is capital punishment[megaman], hips hips swing swing

[link], it is integral to our government![megaman], gonna make em swing all day

[mario], i think federalism is better for cp![megaman], megamans a real boy lala

[link], appointees like capital punishment in a republic![megaman], his hips are like a seesaw

[mario], > you should be looking over there actually > [megaman], hips swing hips SWING

[druggle], hey guys i just got back from the -


[mario], isn't it great! megaman got hips!

[megaman], megaman real boy REAL boy megaman make you PROUD