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Welcome to theUltimate Evangelion FAQs Homepage.

Before I jump into the main categories of FAQs, I'd like to address the most asked question I get in my inbox as of late. What are your thoughts on the 4 New Gainax-animated Evangelion movies?
Personally? I think Anno's just tapped out of ideas now and only in it for the money. This is really kind of sad. Yeah, after seeing You Are (Not) Alone and You Can (Not) Advance I think I know what the hell they're TRYING to do with these things, but it's really just a waste of resources and it's just insulting to the audience at this point. The story's been TOLD. It's done. Over. Hell, Anno even got to go back and redo the ending in the form of End of Evangelion! He's already had his chance to tell the tale that he wants... But along came these four new flicks. Yes, according to some of Kaworu's cryptic lines it looks like they're all a part of the same world as the TV series (think Higurashi: When They Cry, or Groundhog Day), but that's just Anno's excuse. All these new Eva movies are are a way to milk more cash from a dead cat. Please, Gainax, use your power for good! Give us another Gurren Lagann or Kare Kano! We don't NEED another take on Eva, even if it is as trippy as what you're giving us... Please, I beg you, just give us something new instead.

And now, the questions and answers are split up into the following categories:

Characters   Characters

Angels   Angels    

TV Series   TV Series 

Movies   Movies   

Or you can go to my idiot son's homepage: Ikari Shinji-kun's Evangelion FAQs and Stuff. What a wuss.

*Important* All of the answers within are taken solely from facts and quotes from the television series, the movies, interviews and the books (including image books and the RCB [a good translation of it]) that make up the Shin Seiki Evangelion Universe. But in the end, forget that I'm Ikari Gendo (and I've lived through all these events, and that I also have access to SEELE's records and to stuff that even Keel Lorenz does not) for the final say in the matter rests in your hands my friend.

Eva is all about individual perception and opinion. Do not believe everything anybody else tells you until you've taken every fact in and think everything through for yourself. This is the only real truth about Eva. Director Anno obviously made this series in order to get people to think, so don't let others think for you.
Now enjoy your stay.

If you have any other questions on the series, please feel free to e-mail me here.

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