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Going all Fushigi and stuff.
And I sing, OH! Scotland calls! Scotland calls!!
The ROSSMAN of the Mysterious Scotland

Nadia. Her name means a lot to a lot of different people. Some recognize that name as belonging to the hot foreign exchange student from American Pie who got deported for being too salivatious (damn Midwestern thinking!!). Others know the name from that Russian gymnast who I think killed a spectator with her thighs at the '92 Olympics in Barcelona. But most people know the name "Nadia" from the incredible early nineties Japanese animated television show Fushigi no Umi no Nadia. It is quite honestly (well, you don't know if I'm not being honest... but I am) one of the best adventure series ever made. Nadia is comprised of a gloriously excellent storyline that runs a full 39 episodes full of passion, action, and 'splosions (and features that hot Spanish redhead Grandis Granva and some of the coolest Jules Vernesian steam-punk technology that you've ever seen outside of the Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight" video)!!

The epic begins in Victorian Era Paris (which probably never even considered itself Victorian since it's French and all, but because I don't know what the French actually called this time period I'll refer to it by English standards). We meet the young inventor Jean and his alcoholic and wife beating Uncle (we don't know this for sure, but I just have a feeling) as they try to enter the Parisian World's Fair's Flying Contest. You see, this is how we know that Jean is a genius and how we don't question his Einsteinian sized brain for the rest of the show... But I digress. Jean soon gets a chubby after seeing a young, pretty circus girl evade a bunch of crooks who are after her precious crystal necklace (That would be my lovely Grandis and her thieving gang), and after a few shenanegans (sp?) Nadia (the circus girl) and Jean head out searching for adventure and death.

Death?! Yes, and lots of it too. See, Nadia isn't all childish adventures and goofy action. It's about growing up... and stopping megalomaniacal tyrants from ruling the world. While the two kids run away from Grandis, they meet and befriend the crew of a futuristic submarine (well, futuristic for the late 1800s) run by Captain Nemo, and they become bitter enemies of the evil Gargoyle and his Neo-Atlantis Empire. Lots of heated battles occur, a bunch of people die horrible deaths, and a lot of characters have lots of emotional growth and torture.

There are so many like-able people in this show it amazes me. Though, what confuses me relentlessly about this series is how the title character herself can be the world's most annoying bizatch. Yes, it's true, Nadia will make you want to slap her around more than Nemo, Grandis and Electra combined do so by the last episode... But don't let that discourage you, for everybody else MORE than makes up for her assholitude.

In the end I find that I have to give Fushigi no Umi no Nadia three out of two thumbs up (I'm having the operation next week to remove it). Just don't watch the dub! Yeah, those're real kids used to dub the children's voices... That doesn't mean it's good.
Nadia may start off with just a lighthearted adventure, but the last 3 episodes of this luscious series are so fucking sweet it'll blow your mind and possibly your load.

Super excellent nightie!!
KUNI and the Secret of
His Sister's Underwear Drawer

Nadia is AWESOME!!! There are no dolphins in the Nadia show, despite it taking place at sea, which is sad, because I wanted to watch them try and make Nadia eat a tuna sandwich. I loved Gargoyle and all the fighting though! Excellent power and lots of great explosions! I liked all the huge explosions and all the dead french people in the end! All dead frenchies are good dead frenchies! But not their french fries.

Nadia is a girl in France who had a blue diamond that makes the good guys in the world say "NO! Don't use it!" The bad guy wanted the blue diamond for bad reasons, but they never got it. The boy and girl liked each other, they flew in the boy's plane, and the lion (*ROAR!*) and the little girl who had a baby in the very end made this show crazy!! The submarine in space blew up the aliens and that frenchie tower got blow'd up with lots of people on it! Yes! The Jambo-Jambo boy was cool but he already got together with the big woman and Nadia did not like the boy with the glasses anymore, even though he made her the balloon. The girl did not eat meat because she was annoying, and she yelled at the boy in glasses all the time!! Eat meat, bitch!! The end was awesome with the Earth and the tank blowing everything up! Yahooooooooo!!!!!

Ten Kuni points of funness! Count them in a row now!!!

Rocket!  Yeah!!  Satelite of love!!
DOC DAVE of the Mysterious Lab
Where Homeless People Disappear

I was a little confused when the Rossman first made me watch this show. In the beginning I was suffering from inhaling too much monkey urine in my lab and I thought that I was watching a documentary about the Illuminati and the early U.S. undersea and outer space exploration units.

Turns out that Nadia is actually a remake of 20,000 Leagues, but for hyper fucks who need total overstimulation of their mental neurons, hot and sexy Victorian Era babes, and a bunch of ancient mechanical shit getting blown the fuck up..... It's like it was speaking right to me. Lots of intrigue and backstabbing of sorts going on and that ending was pretty trippy if you ask me. Cyborgs and gunplay always perk up the finale of any production that they're in! Kuni's right though, there are no dolphins that play any significant part in the story, but there is a talking whale and a cute human-like lion that I'd like to dissect some day. To tell you the truth, I'd love to check out all of the weapons and hyper-retro-techno shiznit they had going on back then. That'd make a cool thesis paper or what-not. Or maybe I could just make something from it that I could use to blow up the world.

I give Nadia a 4.5 out of 5.