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Sunday Without God Sux
Rossman! Flowne!
The Suffering for

What if God was one of us?
Just a slob like one of us?
What if God abandoned us, causing all our deceased to turn to zombies and walk the Earth in an unending undead nightmare?
What if God then granted the most astoundingly insane wishes prayed for by the lamest morons on the planet causing death and destruction everywhere you look?
Nobody calling on the phone....
'Cept for the Pope maybe in Rome.

So THAT is the main plot of this utterly retarded anime series called Sunday Without God, starring some really stupid people in one of the dumbest post-apocalyptic worlds ever created. Nothing in this show made any sense, even in an allegorical way. Sunday Without God tries its hardest to be the next Mushishi or Kino's Journey, but it can't even be the next Melody of Oblivion.

Sunday Without God is about a world where 15 years prior to the start of the show God supposedly abandoned humanity, causing no more babies to be born, the dead to not stay dead, and people to get their un-thought-out wishes magically granted causing the wish-maker nothing but pain in the process. Because God is the biggest dick ever.

Anyway, we find ourselves in a small hamlet where a 12 year-old girl named Ai is the local Gravekeeper. "12 year-old girl?!? Whaaaaa!!?!?!" you bellow like a hippo with its nuts chomped on by a crocodile. "B-b-b-but you just said that no babbies were made since God turned his/her assholic back on mankind 15 years ago!!" I know what I said, but I also said that God was granting people their retarded wishes in order to cause them pain and suffering. Ai's life is the cause of not only hers and her mother's pain, but also the pain of the entire village that she lives in since they have to raise the not-very-intelligent child after her mommy died. But I digress. Where was I?

Okay, so Ai is the Gravekeeper of this tiny burg (A Gravekeeper is someone who can perform proper magical burial rites over an undead zombie and put them to rest forever) when one day a stranger who calls himself Hampnie Hambart (I can't make this shit up) comes into town and murders the fuck out of everyone (except Ai) by shooting them all in their heads. Ai is confused by this since apparently her dead mom once told her that Hampnie Hambart is the name of her daddy, and apparently Hampnie Hambart shot the fuck out of all the townies because (Duh dun DUUUUUN!) they were in fact all rotting undead corpses who needed to be put down, oh, and Hampnie Hambart is an immortal because of a another dumb wish gone bad.

Ai and Hampnie Hambart soon meet up with another Gravekeeper named Scar (a tall, sexy, bosomy, albino woman with no fucking emotions at all, who's even blander a character than most albinos in anime are), and then they get attacked by an old friend of Hampnie Hambart named Julie. Julie is a guy, thusly proving that whoever came up with the names for all the characters in this thing has no idea what naming people is about.

Sunday Wiffout GawdAnyway, Julie wants to kill Hampnie Hambart because Hampnie Hambart second-killed Julie's rotting undead wife years before, and Julie really just wants the immortal Hampnie Hambart to kill him (suicide by duel) since Julie's a coward who can't blow his own brains out. Ugh. Honestly, this whole show is filled with the weirdest (not in a good way), most clichéd and boring characters who never do anything differently than what you think they may do. Needless to say Julie fails but learns to live again, Hampnie Hambart finally dies, rises, and is buried by Ai for good, and Scar just walks around like a doll who can't feel jack shit. So genre-bending!

So this plot I've been telling you about only covers the first 3 episodes of this fragmented series, and about 90% of everything I've just explained was simply stated to the viewer, not shown. Simply explained by uninteresting characters with no sense of excitement, dread, or any real passion. EVERY story in this series (and there are like 4 individual threads in this sucker) was like that. You could tell that Sunday Without God was originally a novelette book series; books can take their time to explain things like the stupid convoluted plot that this story is stuck in, and they can afford to just have characters TALK about shit for hours on end. Words are wind though, and when put to film that wind is invisible and painfully sleep-inducing.

Another "story" in this series (and I use that term loosely because stories usually have some sort of entertainment value) involves a city of decomposing deadites who just want to live (snicker) in peace, and who murder any Gravekeepers that approach their walls, and whose leader is a young woman who can kill living things by looking at or talking to them. Her affliction is because of a wish too, in case you couldn't figure that out. So is the issue of the half-men/half-women creatures wandering around town... No, not trannies or hermaphrodites, but left-half man, right-half woman people/things. God is one sick fuck, let me tell you. You know how genies will fuck with you if you ask to be all powerful beings, and then they lock you in a lamp with all your powers that you can't ever use for yourself? God is even more of a dick. So when deadites wish for a kid, God grants them their wish by making a kid out of their own body parts, then just mushes the remaining pieces together into a jumbled mess of hateful spite. Jesus fucking Christ...

Another story deals with a school that has nothing but kids with horrible wishes granted upon them giving them special or horrid powers. And the last story deals with a time loop caused by the shitty death of a child years ago. My quick sentence descriptions of both these last tales is actually more interesting than what's been put on the screen. You do not need to see this series now. Please. Learn from my discomfort for having to sit through it.

So, lame, boring characters, dull plots that don't entertain, and not even a fun opening or ending theme song. The idea of God saying "Fuck it!" and just abandoning humanity is a good one. Hell, I even love the idea that this non-caring God then starts granting dumb-fucks' wishes that just end up screwing everybody around them over. It's just the execution of this garbage that leaves EVERYTHING else to be desired.

And on top of all this, there's no real ending either. It's like they're planning on another season of this crap. Just say NO to Sunday. Praise be to Gawd if this is all we have to put up with!

I did not like this terribly told tale at all. It was boring and an absolute chore to get through, even though it was only 12 episodes long. I give Sunday Without God 2 out of 10 Stars of Glorious Excellence. That's a pretty shitty rating for a pretty shitty show.

The Shocked CUPCAKE

I will make sure that I get to pick the next series that we watch. Not that this one was as terrible as the Rossman makes it out to be, but it really wasn't all that great. I know that there's a whole lot of good stuff out there that I haven't seen yet, and it just sucks that I have to sit through middle of the road stuff like this instead of finding the next Attack on Titan or something.

It's just a shame is all.

I don't recommend this series. It was not very interesting, and it had nothing new going for it at all. Booooooring.


God is dead. This anime television program proves it. Only without a God can such whore-ible garbage take up such valuable air-time and torture so many unsuspecting souls.

Honestly, people, why do you keep watching this crap? And buying posters of it? And not to mention the Blu-rays?! I'm not even getting people to MAKE this stuff anymore! They're just drawing these shitty shows now because you think that you have to watch and like EVERY Japanese anime series ever created. No! Please stop! This is even bugging me now! Please understand the difference between good shows and crap! It's not a fine line, people, really! It's quite obvious!

Sometimes evil shit gets away from me. I am woman enough to admit that I don't hold the monopoly on stuff that'll make people kill each other out of pain or grief. In that regard, I applaud you, Japanese animation directors. But on the other hand, please stop making shows that suck this bad. It's terrible for my business, and quite honestly it's PISSING ME OFF! Trust me, you don't want to see me pissed off.