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Rossman Art

As promised, here's a bunch of really old pics I made. I'll make something new soon. Maybe.

All three of them rock in Super Puzzle Fighter II
One of the most recent drawing/Photoshop image I've done... and that was back in late '99. I've been slacking off, I admit. I just needed a new "Rossman Friends" image with a buncha cute chickies in it. So I just made my imaginary cartoon friends pose with me. We have Catsy the generic animated catgirl, Batina the super scientific succubus, and Celeste the specter who thinks that her bathrobe is really a kimono. I'm the one being crushed underneath the bat.

Go angels!!
Here's the Wolfman, me and Just Kidding in our classic Charlie's Angels pose. This was drawn back in mid '97 back when I was first massively redesigning the Chronicle. I was friends with the Wolfman and Kidding since high school. Still am friends with Wolfy, but Kidding decided that everybody was too "immature" for her tastes and went splitsville. We still make fun of her every Friday night when a bunch of us guys get together and get drunk while playing "No Holds Barred Foosball" until one of us vomits and passes out (usually David)... I still don't know what the hell she was talking about.

Icehouse.  The cheap alternative to beer.
Ah! A Rossman masterpiece! Here's Chi-Chi in all his glory. This is how I usually knew him his first few years in college. In fact little has changed really. This one was made along side the "Angels" pose above. Couldn't exclude Chi-Chi now could I? He's been with the Rossman since high school too.

Raul says "Tu peliculas son muy bueno, y eres una puta grandisima!"
And now for the "Alias" pics. I can't remember why I thought I had to draw myself dressed as Spawn, Batman and Wolverine. Well above I appear as my real life alias of "Raul, the Blockbuster Service Rep". Worked Ball Buster for five years through high school and college. I then appear as Hell Spawney Rossman. I would use this disguise to suck the souls out of the total idiots that tried to rent movies from me.

I'm just an immortal kind o' guy
Here I am as Battyman and the Immortal Rossi. Rossi was another nickname I had in high school in St. Louis. I went to a hell hole known as DeSmet. It was a Jesuit all boys school. It sucked big time. The only thing cool about it was that everybody got at least two nicknames. Yeah, mine weren't too creative, but you have to admit that "Rossi" and "Rossman" are ten times better than "Shit for Brains Cody" and "Pussy Sniderboy".

I wonder if I'm wearing anything under that loin cloth.
I don't know about you, but I loved Gargoyles. That was a great cartoon. Lots of cool flashbacks to a time when superstition and the sword ruled and of course they were all Scottish gargoyles! Demona was a hotty too. She's Batina's idol. Anyway, I'm dressed as Goliath and Wolverine here. Riiiight.

And now for the grand-daddy of them all. One of the oldest computerized and the crappiest Rossman original you'll ever see... I actually totally forgot about this one for a few years:

Was I asleep when I did this one?
Hey, at least I tried! I put this together back in Feb. 1996. I drew each head separately and tried to merge them all together in Photoshop 3. All things considered, I don't think it's enough to make your eyes bleed. Although the Wolfman and Just Kidding have seen better days. This (in all "gold" line art) was actually the first background for both the Rossman Chronicle and the original original UGAnime pages. I was young! I needed the money!!

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