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The power of the movie compells you!!

YAMACSICO the Movie:
"Throne of Souls"

The Yamacsico Television series was so popular on its initial run on Japanese TV that a follow up movie was planned before the final episode even aired. It is being made by the same incredible staff that developed the series, but Takada Akemi will be doing all of the character designs by herself.
The following snippets of information are all the info that we know about this project at this time. As soon as we hear more plot points this page will be updated accordingly :). The movie is due out in Japanese theaters in 6 months.

Plot Points:

  • Ko and Enshaku discover the escape pod used by their misguided relative, and they discover a sinister secret as well.
  • The MotorTech Masters appear and they want their ice cream ships back (apparently the ships that the Jovian Angels originally found were theirs). What's left of them is in ESDF control.
  • Dildau is captured by the MotorTechs and leads them to Earth as he/she/it goes even more postal.
  • Dr. Marumisu joins the MotorTech's camp for real, but everybody thinks it's just a plan.
  • Hell Mouth Kitty returns!
  • The MotorTech Masters plan to use their ice cream ships, the Protozuma Cloning Tanks, and the Time Dilation Core to make the ULTIMATE Rocky Road. And only da Count (who gets stabbed with a snake and put into another coma) knows how the ESDF can win the war!!
  • It is revealed that the MotorTech Masters are ultimately responsible for the human race's existence! Thousands of years ago they failed in their attempt to create the ultimate RR in this galaxy, but as they were leaving one of their ships crashlanded on the Third Planet from the sun in this solar system and the monkeys on that planet were eventually mutated into homo sapiens with a strong penchant for a flavor of ice cream that would drive them for millenia to perfect on their own even if they were not aware of the fact that they were striving to create it!!! Whoa.... deep. The Time Dilation Explosions are thought to have sent out a warning to the MotorTechers that somebody in their vast domain was close to their goal!

Stay tuned for more details, and start counting the days as this movies supposedly ends the entire story and closes all the loose ends of Yamacsico: Super Dimensional Subspace Battle Fortress: the Battle for Space, Time and Love!!!!

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