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 YAMACSICO - Super Dimensional Subspace Battle Fortress: the Battle for Space, Time and Love.... What do these words mean to you? If you were lucky enough to have seen this series when it originally aired on Japanese TV, or gotten a fansub of it, you know that it means: 26 episodes of gorgeous animation, a cast of thousands (and tons of talented seiyuu to voice everybody), a fabulous and mind-numbing musical score (that combines the talents of Yoko Kanno, Joe Hisaishi and that guy who did the Giant Robo soundtrack), wonderful and beautiful direction (by the united protégés of Hideaki Anno, Miyazaki and Yasuhiro Imagawa), character designs by Akira Toriyama, Yoshitaka Amano and Nobuteru Yuuki, and an incredible story that spans space, life, death and several millennia.

YAMACSICO also stands for "love" and "idol singers". The best that money can buy of course ;)

And make no mistake about it, the backers put a whole LOT of money behind this series. From what I've been able to dig up, each "Event" (what the individual episodes are known as, FYI) had the budget of the equivolent of 6 high quality OAVs! I'm not sure if they've made their money back yet (meaning the backers or the studios involved [ArtMic, AIC, Ghibli, Rosumanu Studios and Gainax to name a few]), but this does explain the pure perfection that was YAMACSICO. Unfortunately it also explains why nobody in the States has bought the rights to it yet (and probably won't for a while if ever). You see, with all those greedy companies and people involved who've seen just how big this show can be (from its 6th Event on, it consistently received the highest ratings EVER for an animated show on Japanese TV!), they all want a big piece of that good ole American pie that is the foreign market (they all think that this will put any merchandising and ratings that Pokémon has ever produced to shame!!).

Why is this bad for us?.... well, this means that the total price of each Event Collection (either 3-4 events, as on the LD and DVD release in Japan) supposedly costs as much as what Manga Entertainment had to pay for the Evangelion movies!! It may be a loooong wait for a US commercial release of any kind.

Now, to summarize what YAMACSICO really is.

"God Energy" is everywhere in the Universe. But mainly in small peices. In an effort to capture an ass-load of this special Power (that all of reality thrives on) in order to promote unity and peace in the world, some scientists on Earth begin using ancient cloning technologies to bring forth this ultimate energy, but things do not start out too well. These failed cloning experiments in the beginning led to the creation of an entirely new species of intelligent beings known as the MamonOni. And the expeirments to create and control this God Energy led a faction of religious nutz to flee the planet for sanctuary in space.

YAMACSICO is an emsemble series about the 3 way Triangle War of 2727 between the motlëy Earth Self Defense Forces, the mysterious Jovian Angels and the beastly MamonOni (pronounced "mah - mohn - öni"). All the funny and touching love triangles and squares amidst the fight for the ultimate weapon (the "Kami-sama Obliteration Device of Power"), all the uneasy alliances and the horrifying and affecting deaths of warrior upon warrior really pulls you in to the cockpit of one of the many mecha and Power-Stone Battle Starships that each of the sides throws at eachother in battle after bloody and perverse battle.

Each Event is so startling and haunting that it gets you thinking about the incidents and circumstances long after you're done, and even more than that Freudian nightmare known as End of Eva!

Every character, no matter what side of the battle he/she may be on, is a deep and tormented soul who has a dark secret, painful memories of a lost love, or a tragic and scarring death to deal with. It is EPIC and grand to say the least!

So sit back now, read all about the characters and Events that take place in the world of YAMACSICO, and learn some Japanese so that you can see this show before you die of old age (besides, with all the top of the line seiyuu that worked on this project, there's no way that no talent hacks like Amanda, or Wynn or Lee could ever fill their shoes even by stuffing the toes).

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