TRUMP for president! TRRRRRRRRUMP for president!
......Seriously, dude? Please tell me that you're only advertising for Trump to get into some poor girl's panties. Some obnoxious, racist, classist, slightly retarded Trump supporter.
How DARE you mock my campaign for Trump! I will have you know that I truly believe that he is the best candidate for president by far!
Wait, so this isn't like a comedic misunderstanding? It's not like you're going to say "Trump? Yeah! I support the guy who invented weed!" Or some-such nonsense like that?
Megaman shakes his rump for Trump!
TRUMP for life!
You're not being blackmailed, brainwashed, or threatened into supporting Trump? Is there a Bob-Bomb on you? Are your loved ones being held captive? *whispering* can you blink once for "yes, I have a gun targeting me," and twice for "they have the antidote"?
Do not demean my violent, fervent behavior for some silly threat on my life, good sir doctor! Instead of responding to your absurd jumps in conclusions myself, I will have my robotic bodyguard reply.
Wait, does that mean that YOU, Megaman, have a gun targeting you?
Ummmmm..... What?
Druggle, you either need to reprogram the little blue boy or just let that shooter that's targeting him do his thing.
FIRE and brimstone! Them terrorists will kill us all if we don't kill them AND their families! We have to build a wall on the Mexican border! He may have gone bankrupt 6 times already, but TRUMP knows how to run a business, and he'll run America just like that business!
But, Druggle, I thought that you were a Bernie Sanders man. You kept talking about how you used to smoke a bowl with the man and talk about legalizing the mari-jew-wanna, and horsecock fights. What changed?
What changed? WHAT CHANGED?! We are at war with common decency, my good doctor! Gays are not scorned and lynched anymore! People are legally doing drugs! People are actually enjoying LIFE now! This cannot go on!
Wait a minute... What's that smell? I'd know it anywhere... It's the stench of a corpse... WHAT?! Druggle, he's already dead! And somebody just put this speaker in his mouth!
Wait, if he's already dead, then why are you blinking so much?
Mega... Man... just... wanted... to... blink...... eyelash.... out of.... eye......
But... But then who? Who is responsible this?!
.....................What? Don't blame me, I'm voting for the closeted dyke, Hillary.
Yeah... Who'd totally kill that asshole lizard who was always going through my underwear drawer? I guess we'll always be trumped? I mean stumped....... Stumped....

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