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This is it! All you Morons out there who don't know how to act in public, build a midget house, or shave your pubic hair without getting razor burn now have a place to go to for all your sheltered-life needs.

Find out......

How to End a RelationshipHow To End a Relationship
Did you once love a person with every fiber of your being, but now find that their voice gives you migraines? Do you want to lose your excess baggage, your ball and chain, your cunt-rag bitch/bastard lover like they were an unwanted puppy, but find that you can't just use a shovel on their skull because of legal ramifications? Want to know how to destroy a person from the bottom of their soul in order to make them stop following you hoping you'll give them sex? Then come on inside and find out how to dump your lover the RIGHT way!.


House Sitting 101How To House Sit
One of the easiest jobs in the world... You sit around, wear other people's clothes, eat their food, and drink their booze, and they PAY you for it! But don't be fooled -- you could easily fuck this up. Come on inside to see how to House Sit the right way.


Raise a Child RightHow To Raise a Child
Want to know how to turn that baby you have into a functioning cog in the wheels of society? Of course you don't! You're probably one of those insipid helicopter parents raising a generation of namby pambies (aka pussies) in order to destroy modern society. Don't be a dick, read this page. It answers all your questions on how to raise a child correctly.


Old ComputersHow To Teach Women Over 50 How to Use a Computer
I cannot fathom why you might want to attempt this one, but it's here just in case. There will be suffering by all sides during the course of this How To, just so that you know what you're getting yourself into... You schmuck.


Anarchy in HSHow To Do High School
Want to know how to make it through 4 years of unapologetic high school Hell? Want to finally fit in with the wrong crowd? Want to figure out who the next freak to go Columbine will be so that you can either be nice to the asshole or avoid him like the plague? Find out how inside!


How To Kill Monsters
Are you being stalked by the undead? Do wolfmen try to bite you everywhere you go? Want to tell them all to suck your uncursed wang and leave you the hell alone? Well, that won't solve anything (monsters thrive on confrontation), so the only thing you can do is kill them dead. Find out how inside!


He's an asshole!  Asshole!  Asshole!How To Be an Asshole
Want to know how to piss people off and make them all mutter under their breath whenever you enter the room? Want to feel powerful and big and strong even though you're really just a pathetic choad of a human being? You betcha! Come on inside and find out how to become the Ultimate Asshole!


Fat-tastic!How To Lose Weight
Are you fat? Sure, we all are. Well, if you don't want to be fat anymore then you've come to the right place. We here at want the world to be filled with skinny hot people, so we took it upon ourselves to make a difference. A difference of lard. Taaaaaasty lard. Get thin inside!


Doin' lame shit rightHow To Be a (Sci-Fi, Anime,
Fantasy, Gamer) Geek

Want to know how to alienate yourself from society while wearing your newfound loneliness like a badge of honor? Well, you can learn how inside, along with tips on how to build up the best con-funk before a gay sci-fi or anime convention even begins!


Babylicious!How To Make a Real Baby
Hey, guys, think your pee-pee stick is only for making pee-pee? Hey, girls, think your hoodilly is only for placing that dancing cucumber you got from your sorority sisters for your birthday? Well guess what, you're both wrong! All of those things are needed to make babies (well, not the cucumber). Find out more inside!!


SLippin' the salami to the sluts... the right wayHow To Throw a Raunchy Bachelor Party
Find out how to throw the perfect titty-fest of a party for your soon to be married buddy. It may take a bit of planning and some major funds, but hey, you might get lucky with a cheap whore or a stripper too!


Ho Ho Whoring with Santa!How To Throw a Christmas Party
Find out how to throw the perfect festive yule-log event. It's easy as crap, plus you'll get lots of free gifts (also find out how to make sure those gifts don't suck).


Yatta!How To Be a Rugged Ninja
So now you want to learn how to kill with intrigue and then blend into the shadows like some sort of shadowy mist beast made of nightmares and cat shit, huh? Good thing I'm here for you, buddy. Take a load off and sit back while I tell you everything you need to know about how to be a Ninja!

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