So, this Ebola thing... Is it legit?
Ummm, what with the who now?
Is it legit?

It's TOO legit!

Too legit!
Ummmm, why--
Too legit to quit!
Hey, hey...
My people, we don't know defeat. We crush the strong and pecolate the weak. Daily... Everyday. We make our moves to improve our groove because we love to rule where we lay, yo. Yo.
We're rolling on! We're rolling on! We're rolling on!
......Is he on top? He's on top. He's on top!
Goin' to burn it up! Goin' to burn it up!! Goin' to burn it up!!
............ (Holds breath)....
.....Um........ Can't touch this?.
You fucking suck, elf!
What. The. Goddamn. Fuck. You stupid piece of shit-out white trash mothafucka.....
You know what? Just fuck you, guys. It's over. I'm done. This shit has gone on too long!
Don't play dumb. You've all been treating me like second fiddle for years now! Pretending I don't matter, making me look stupid!
Well, I don't think that we were making you loo--
This ends tonight. I count, dammit! I count, and I'm going to end you all tonight! You wanna know how?
MegaMan wants to know h--
It ends as it begat!
I don't think that's a word. It's like "embiggen"...
I finally learned how to train your monkey, Doc! He now knows how to sodomize people with bananas and pineapples! Bwa ha ha ya ya!
MegaMan needs to eat more fruit, MegaMan's doctor says.
BEHOLD! Monkey, fruit-rape them all!
Ten bucks says my monkey just butt-fucks the elf.
.......How do you think I trained him in the first place?

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