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Events 9 - 12: Time Slip Beginnings with Flux Capacitors


Events 9 - 12

"Time Slip Beginnings"

Characters' names in BOLD are those that appear for the first time. Go to the Characters Page to read more about them.

Event 9 ("Rusty Angel")  

(First I have to say something about this Event. It is quite clear that in order to save a few Yen and some time that the producers shipped this episode to Korea to be animated. And they did a sh*t job. It is also quite obvious that this episode was not done by the staff that worked on the first 8 Events. Urgh.... Just enjoy this as much as you can)

The 4th Battle of the Bands is about to take place but Mismay can't be found anywhere (she's waffling back and forth over her true feelings about her shoes and which she loves more: Her pumps or her tennies). So it's cancelled (it's just no fun without Mismay to make fun of through out the contest :^(

While this is going on, Cutey Darling infiltrates the Yamacsico (for another spy mission or something) and she proceeds to sleep with the entire male crew (and some females too) in order to find out how Earth humans deal with love (or something lame like that... *Sigh* I tell ya, even the plot of this episode was just crapped out. They apparently just needed a filler or sumtin').

Meanwhile, Grubby punches NomE for being such a pacifist wuss, and NomE proceeds to kick his Cap'n butt back to last Tuesday! Never saw that one coming.

I get a kick from champaign!
And it's Grubby in the lead with thirty punches thrown and six roundhouse kicks to NomE's head... No, wait! Is that NomE?! Dammit, I can't tell anymore! Damn those clones and damn that krappy Korean animation studio!

Ally happens to find herself in the Yamacsico's labs and meets Hirachi and Jambon who are working on a new panty-guessing device (yup.... -_-... it's exactly what you think it is). They ask if they can test it on her and so she strips down to nothing to "hide" her panties (guess she misunderstood or is a bigger perv than those two are) and they both get nosebleeds (that start off as nose erruptions) and pass out.

Back to Cutey. She's still sleeping around and eventually she finds herself in da Count's hospital room. She "flashes" (for lack of a better word) into her birthday suit and is about to hop into the sack with the potato when Irene blasts her with her regulation Class A "Big Gun" and dumps her body into the nearest container (which happens to be the cafeteria's soup d'jour [which gets the best compliments any meal ever has in ESDF Food Services history!]) @_@.

Anyhow, NomE decides that the ESDF is no place for a pacifist like himself, so he defects to the Jovian Angels! And once again Dildau has to belittle him/her/itself and come and pick him up.

Inside the Kami Killah, Dr. Marumisu is seen taking out tons of wires and computer chips and replacing them with a new hardrive that he's just completed. When Mari questions him about it he just tells her to run along and play with Achtung! who was looking for her earlier. She pulls out some evil-looking torture devices and chases after the puppy-wuppy. Marumisu smiles, then flicks a switch and a soft hummmmm settles throughout the spacious room.

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Event 10 ("Fallen Angel")

This event opens with Caca killing a bunch of Oni.... It's cool to see, but it is never explained.

Inside the OniCon, the Jovian thief Nipul II is sneaking around with all the subtlety of one of those freaky monkeys with the cymbals you always see in toy stores. His mission is to steal some cloning materials (it's easier to steal from the beastly Oni than the ESDF anyday) because Marumisu refuses to share anything about genetics with the Angels. Without even realizing it, Nipul kills Mariez by throwing a subspace mallet he finds on the ground behind him without looking. It smashes the little kabuki face on Mariez's hat and he falls down dead (all of his subordinates come out of the woodwork to laugh at him [especially after Nab eats Nipul in one bite and makes a comment about how he "Wanted a midnight snack, not a spineless gay monkey-boy".... well, it's a good pun in Japanese]).

Sleeping in the Yamacsico on a top bunk (with Lei-Lei on the bottom one), Zero wakes up with start after having a "premonition" dream! OoooooooooooooOOOO! She dreamed that everybody was in some weird medeival setting when a bomb goes off, vampyres fly away and some floating triangles disappear. Then some cool lookin' dude with white hair came up to her and killed her real bad.

Exiiiiit light!  Eeeeenteeeer niiiiiight!  Taaaaake my hand!
Boy, I guess that Klink is truly the apple of Zero's bloody eye!

On board the Jovian's command ship, Achtung!! attempts to slip away from Fein in order to try and OD on some chrystal meth that he's been saving. But before he can remember where he hid it, MASTER finds it and sucks it all down (the jaw-dropping computer assisted effects used for MASTER's "trippin' the light fantastic" sequence are sooooo groovy!). It is at this time that MASTER goes about renaming the command carrier's name to the AbuCabu!

Ushiko and Umao pop up in space suits outside da Count's hospital window while Ally tries to sneak into bed with the un-awake one. Fox, Irene and Ms. Blotto try to beat the crappola out of her (but she turns all three on eachother and is about to slip under the covers while they're distracted, but she thinks better of it and simply leaves all three of them bickering [and all this right after they all signed a pact to not fight the others or try to sneak a quickie with ol' Love Jones]).

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Event 11 ("Battle Angels")

In the opening scene, Fukuku and Brian go to Grand Admiral Fox and Dr. Freshnesu and demand to know the truth behind who or what the Jovian Angels are.  Dr. Freshnesu then goes into a loooong explanation of how they came to be and why it was kept a secret. Turns out that 1021/2 years ago, the ancestors of the Angels left Earth in order to "find Kami-sama". In the process they burned all their bridges and proceeded to make fun of all the "Terran Losers" who would only find "eternal damnation" by remaining on their "devil planet" and by not repenting for their sins in the coldness of space. They called themselves the "New Heaven's Gaters" and they were determined to find that damn spaceship hidden inside of Haley's Comet's tail..... They never did.

Eventually they were forgotten by humanity (especially when the MamonOni came into being and hostilities began between them and the ESDF). Gaters' emergency rations were getting used up and their population was growing beyond their control. So they voted to return to Earth and were prepared to kiss a little ass to mend things up. This is when they found the behemoth ships near Jupiter and "borrowed them" to make a grand entrance back on Earth. The only problem being that they apparently did not/do not know how to operate and perform maintenance on them (they are only religious fanatics suffering from massive cases of space dementia after all). This is when the peace talks between the Oni and the ESDF were violently interrupted by the Angels blowing up the Earth's Diplomatic ship.

After the long-winded explanation (that took up half the episode @_@), it is realized that Dr. Freshnesu had by-mistakenly been sitting on the communications switch for the entire ship and every crewmember and entertainer aboard now knows their secret!!!!.... but nobody really gives a crap and things continue as usual.

"All I've got to do is squeeze!" - "And all I've got to do is scream...."
Norika practices her hand-eye coordination in piloting the Buster Brown by tossing around a manned Disposable GunDAMN Unit. Hilarity ensues.

NomE finds out the truth about the Jovians at about the same time those aboard the Yamacsico do. MASTER tells him the SOB story and explains that the original Terran Deserters left because they didn't like how the scientists of the time were starting to experiment with capturing "God Energy". They thought that it was sacrilegious and insulted their beliefs.... But they would think nothing of "killing Kami-sama" if it meant shutting everybody the f*** up!!! NomE then defects from the Angels to the Oni cause he's always hated organized religion (and especially disorganized religion), and when he gets there Captain Kahn bitch-slaps him and calls him "inferior" and "uncrosomatic".

Ko and Enshaku choose this time to tergiversate to the Jovian Angels' camp now too because they want to find out more about their Great Great Great Great Uncle (there could be another "Great" in there for all I remember) whom left Earth with the New Heaven's Gaters oh so long ago. The stories of their Uncle's pride and dignity and honour live through them now and they wish to find the truth about his supposed exploits.

Inside the AbuCabu, Dr. Marumisu convinces Meiko the Strategizeer to convince MASTER to fire up the recently "tuned" Dilation God Machine. Then he smiles to himself as he remembers secretly getting some DNA samples from the ESDF Scion Keys with Anne Droid's help (when she first snuck aboard the Yamacsico). He declares out loud "Now we shall see who is prepared," and he starts cackling like the loony mad scientist that he is.

Oh yeah! This is also the episode where that nutty shrinking ray is invented and employed! Now that's what I call a sticky situation ^_^ *canned laughter*.

0-G Mini Love!  0-G Mini Love!  4, 3, 2, 1, 0-G Mini Love!
This would have been really funny if the Model 5s hadn't neutered Jambon
in order to make him look more like a real Ken doll.

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Event 12 ("Angels' Ascension")

*Sigh* -_-.... Well, I guess it had to happen sooner or later. This episode is the obligatory "Flash Back" Event. They just recap the story in its entirety to give newcomers a quickie catch-up to the goings on in Yamacsico, while giving their budget a breather too.

The last 2 minutes of the episode is new stuff though. Kenny dies and Dr. Marumisu starts up the Time Dilation Machine and a huge warp-hole is created in between the Jovian and ESDF Fleets! Yurethra freaks and causes the Yamacsico to get pulled into the drag of the time-gap! The powerstone core of the Yamacsico reaches critical and the ship starts to break apart! Before all the escape pods can be ejected, tons of characters get sucked in from all sides of the war, and then Zero get pulled into the warp! Tyler and Yurethra jump in after her before Dr. Freshnesu can tell them that it's not necessary to do to save the Scion Keys. Before the hole disappears, Kyran the Timestripper is called in and ordered to save the Keys! She is given some specialized equipment from Dr. Freshnesu, Jambon and Hirachi and told that enough "God Power/Energy" should exist in the past (where it is determined that the warp-hole has dilated everybody). Just before the gap closes, Kyran plunges into it (followed closely by Ushiko and Umao:). Then the Yamacsico blows up!!!!

Ooooooooh s***!.... This cannot be what my horoscope meant by "going places"!
Supreme Commander Jingy as he wets his cape (staring humbly into the power of the God Machine!)

Fat chicks in party hats! Fat chicks in party hats!!
Tyler actually gets dressed up as he salutes Zero for bravely falling into the warp-hole instead of him (this is before Yurethra pulls him in too to try and save her).

Jingy's gone to plaid!!
Warpin' kitty.

He's pretty tied up
Hangin' upside down
He's pretty tied up
An you can ride him

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