Nuts To This Media


Nuts To This Media is the video channel for theRossmanDotCom. You will find stupid shit that you never would have hoped to have ever found in your life here, and you will thank me for it. Below are all the videos in chronological order. Enjoy.



Lifeforce - Am I Misremembering?

It’s been over three decades since I’d first watched the sci-fi/horror flick known as Lifeforce. This 1985 movie scarred me deeply as a child and it stuck with me till this day. I decided that it was time to take another look at this terrifying movie and see if it holds up, especially after growing up a bit.



G.I. Joe vs Cobra and Physics: A Real American Review

This is a review of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero (the miniseries that started the great 30-minute animated toy commercial race of the 80s, and also the greatest American cartoon of all time). The glorious miniseries is honored, worshipped, and meticulously analyzed with an “adult” brain.

I originally wrote G.I. Joe versus Cobra and Physics back in 2001 or 2002 as a love letter for the animated series for my old website. I just figured that maybe it was about time I brought it to YouTube so that all you people who hate to read can finally enjoy it.



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