Code Name: Team Rossman
File Name: The club for the cool and possibly psychotic
Primary Function: Rule the world; or at the very least acquire the largest porn collection in the Northern Hemisphere.

Below you will find the links to all of the file cards of the people who the Rossman interacts with on a daily basis. Some are nice, though most are not. If you want to understand where the Rossman is coming from half the time you must endure the pain and read all about his acquaintances and their places in his rag-tag army of ruggedness.

Angry Amy
File Name: the Raging Menstration
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: The woman who can get the job done... by beating the ever-living SHIT out of anybody/anything that gets in her way.
Bob From the Future
File Name: Robert Chen Kenichi
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Time traveling friend who helps guide me on my quest to do whatever I feel like doing each week.
File Name: Leslie Todd Carlofski
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: The muscle; Punching the tar out of people, both in real life and in videogames.
File Name: William Billingsly
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Drinking anybody under the table, and telling the "Chi-Chi Joke."
the Devil
File Name: Satan Lucifer
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Performing EVIL.
the Doc
File Name: Doctor Dave
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: The man with the needle and the knife is the man whom I trust with my life.
Evil Fucking Ducks
File Name: Evil Goddamn Ducks
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Pissing me off.
Jaime and Kiff (the Sister.... and her boy toy)
File Name: Jaime and Kiff
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Asking for money.
Kuni the Direct Descendant
File Name: Kuni Ling-Li Hyeon
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Kung-fu mad skills..... No, not really.
Malcolm Z
File Name: Tiberius Hexagon Jefferson
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: The voice of common sense and reason. Oh, and actual fire-power.
the MegaPlayboy
File Name: Pugsly Waynewright Stevenson III
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Computer expert. Also the main source of porn for Team Rossman.
Robot Pedro
File Name: Terminator Mark XCVII -- Pedro
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Stomping hu-man skulls with robotic cleats.
the Skipper
File Name: Clark Gable... Wait, what?
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: He's old, so he must be wise, so most of Team Rossman goes to him for his divine drunken wisdom
Tammi With an "I"
File Name: Tammi Betty-Flo Jessie Margarin Lambykins Pohler
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Folding her legs behind her head.
the Wolfman
File Name: Edgar Damien Heccubus
Primary Team Rossman Specialty: Keeping Jimmy Jammer away from my house.

Patience, pussycat. The Rossman People are spread across the globe. It'll be a while before I can gather everybody's information (pictures and backgrounds). If you want to know more about me in particular, you can read Tom_Boomer1337's interview of me here. Comprendes? Hablas Ingles?

Rossman Quote: "With friends like these..... Wait a minute. Are these fucking people even my friends?"


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