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I have said it in the past: revenge is one of the best basic plots that can be used in a narrative... Just not this time. Well, it COULD have been great here, but there actually is no real revenge going on in this show, despite the word "revenge" being in its actual title. Read my Masamune-kun's Revenge review and rating now to see just how awful writers can fuck up something as basic as a revenge tale.

Ghost in the Shell — the 2017 ScarJo remake — stinks... Are you really that shocked? I dropped my expectations so low before going into this thing, that I think if it came out as poorly as the Robocop remake a few years back I would have probably been okay with it. Alas, nope. Read just how fucking godawful this drivel really was in my Ghost in the Shell (2017) movie review and rating now!

You've probably heard about it by now, but now you get to hear the only opinion on the subject that should matter to you: MINE. So, what did I think of the anime KonoSuba, you ask? Well.... THANK GOD I wrote an entire review covering my thoughts so that you would know!

What's better than King Kong fighting Godzilla? Well, nothing really... But a second runner up to that is Kong fighting U.S. soldiers fresh out of Vietnam, led by Samual L. Jackson! Go on and read my KONG: Skull Island movie review and rating to find out just how King-Kong's-balls amazing this movie is!

This week has been hell with dentist visits, bad haircuts, and people punching me in the crotch. Like literally punching me in the crotch. All I did was trip that midget in the mud and laugh and point, I did NOT deserve that uppercut like that... Anyway, I have a new Sword Art Online - The Movie review and rating for you. Enjoy. I need to change my ice-pack for my junk.

HOLY SHEEEEEEET. This past week. So crammed. So packed. So crazy. So good. So very bad. So confusing. So.... everything. Check out my wintery, Logany, Zelda-y, foody, and skiing-y Daily now. It will BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

What is "stupid"? What is "intelligence"? What is "retardation"? Well, I think that my friends and I are intelligent (for the most part), but I believe that I came face to face with pure, unadulterated, and unsaturated retardation this weekend. Read all about it in my Retarded Daily. Then pity me.

WAR! WITCHES! Oh yeah! I mean, what more do you really need? Well, I suppose that maybe a good ending would help. Read my Izetta: The Last Witch anime review and rating to see if we get a good ending with this show, or to see just how far off the rails the writers took this thing in order to shit all over their viewing public.

So this is how it begins... Not with killer robots from the future, monkeys and apes rising up, nor with a meteor from the heavens. Nope, the End begins with a racist orangutan in the White House who can't handle that nobody likes him. I won't get political here though. Instead, I'll let the NESticision crew talk about President Trump: Satan or Lucifer?

My friends and I watched the anime sensation sweeping the Japanese nation this weekend: Your Name (aka Kimi no Na wa). It's breaking box office records left and right and upside down all over the world, and now I finally have a review of it for you. Is it worth the praise it's been getting? Is it another shitfest like Miyazaki's The Wind Rises? Find out in my Your Name review and rating for yourself. I don't have time to baby you...

There. Done. Here's a detailed review of the anime Magical Girl Raising Project for you. My dinner's getting cold, and I don't have anything clever to say. So read it in good health, and sod off. Oh, and I did see La La Land this weekend. It was spectacular. That is all.

FINALLY! A new year. Thank the noodly appendage of our Lord and Savior! To celebrate, here is a new anime review and rating for Yuri on Ice! No, it's not about THAT kind of "yuri." Relax. Oh, and here's a Thank Christ That 2016 Is Dead Daily article. Party on, my friends!


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