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Things are only just beginning to go back to normal in the world, but we're not out of the shit-storm that was 2020 yet. That year cut deep. It'll probably take a full decade to get past it. But in the meantime, here's a bunch more videos for you to watch and use to forget about the horrible stuff going on for just a little while.


New year, same shit as the last. Ugh. I got nothin' new to say about current events, so here's just a new list of YouTube videos I made. Go bonkers.


Here's a couple more Youtube vids for you. First, What the Hell Did I Just Watch - Birth Rite, and Am I Misremembering - Time Bandits. We're in the middle of a quarantine... What the hell else have you got to do?


And now I have two more videos for you. Which you'd know about if you subscribed to my Youtube channel already. First is an anime review about the 1985 Vampire Hunter D movie (fun, right, okay...), and then a "How To" video about How to Teach Women Over 60 How to Use a Computer. Go watch, then go live it.


My second video is done. Lifeforce is one of those strange movies that inexplicably altered my life at a (way too) young age. You may remember it as "that weird space vampire movie where they turn London into a living hell and that hot brunette never puts on any clothes." I take a look back at this flick and see if it still holds up today or if I am simply misremembering it.

Better audio, tighter editing, a more insane topic, and it's NOT an hour long. Enjoy Lifeforce - Am I Misremembering!


So apparently print is dead. Even digital print. So I'm attempting to do something new in order to continue staying creative (and sane). So here is my revamped 2002 article about the Joes and Cobras in fancy YouTube format. Yes, the audio could be greatly improved, I know. But the video itself is pretty damn great, so piss off. Free entertainment is free entertainment.

Enjoy G.I. Joe vs Cobra and Physics in YouTube format!


We are now in the starting months of End of Days. Start packing for a one-way ticket to Hell. But in the meantime, check out my most recent Daily Rossman where I talk about what I've been up to during the plague, as well as tell you what you need to watch with all your new-found free-time.


New year, new anniversary! This is the 25th year that I have been working on "The Rossman Chronicle," which then turned into Don't pretend that you're not impressed. As a celebration, here is my newest review of a children's show aimed at people much younger than myself. Read my Star vs. the Forces of Evil review and rating and celebrate with me!... There will be no punch or cookies. I apologize in advance.


Merry Christmas! You're not going to believe this, but I think that JJ Abrams totally redeemed himself and the Star Wars brand with The Rise of Skywalker! Instead of trying to come up with a story that wrapped up nine films in a logical and thoughtful manner, Abrams went "full retard," and tried his best to turn a five or six "fetch-quest" video game into a frantic and moronic flick with dull characters and situations. And because of that I was highly entertained (in a MST3K kind of way). Read my Rise of Skywalker movie review and you too will believe that people with no vision or plan can sink an "unsinkable" franchise like Star Wars!


Here's a surprise anime review for you. I just started this show on a whim, but finished it in a weekend, and then thought, "What the hell. Might as well write about it." So, what the hell... Here's my review and rating for YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World. It's wack.


It's been a while, the baby's now practically an adult, and so I found that I had some time to watch a lighthearted anime movie and review it for your pleasoyment. That movie is Violence Voyager, and I think I can promise that you've never seen anything like it in your lonely, miserable lives. Enjoy my review!


It is done. The main storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now complete. Here we stand after just experiencing Avengers: Endgame, and I am here to tell you that it is good. But is it the BEST Marvel movie ever? No. That honor goes to Roger Corman's Fantastic Four. But this is pretty high up on that list. Read my complete review now and be amazed at the avenging!


And now here's a review almost 20 years in the making! I dive headlong into what makes the Kingdom Hearts games so special... And by that I mean "Kingdom Hearts 1 holds a very special place in my heart," and "Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3 belong on the 'special school bus.'" Find out why in my newest Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and 3 mega video game review!


What is the longest you ever waited for something that you KNEW would be good? For me, it was 20 years. I waited 20-goddamn-years from the time one of my favorite directors announced he was going to make a Battle Angel movie to the time we actually got it. Was it worth it?.... Yeah, I'd say so. Find out why inside my Alita: Battle Angel movie review now. Or you could wait a few years. Good things are worth waiting for afterall.


We finally got through a new anime series. It's not anything tremendously new, but it's fun. And it's got a bunny girl in it. That should count for something. So take a moment to read my Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai anime review after you've said that title 5 times really fast.


After breezing through Netflix's Voltron - Legendary Defender in less than two weeks, we're in "awesome show withdrawal" right now. But to fill my time up before starting what is bound to be a lesser show I decided to jump back into the world of Voltron in order to give you my review and rating of it. I shall miss you, Bii Boh Bi...


It's 2019, and this year marks the 24th year of this website's existence (in one shape or form). Amazing that. And to celebrate, here's my slightly behind the times Bumblebee [Transformers] movie review and rating for you all to digest. Happy, happy, joy, joy.


It is the Winter Solstice today, and also the anniversary of Tokyo Jupiter appearing, and thusly ushering in the era of the Mu. So have fun with that.

Anyway, in honor of Christmas, here's my Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie review, along with a brand spankin' new Filtered Daily about a really lame con-job that some shitty company tried to pull on us. Now to get the Festivus Pole up and to start stretching for the Feats of Strength. I'm going up against Uncle Ron this year, and he's been building a cage for us to wrastle in.


It's almost Halloween, so if you haven't had time yet to watch any scary movies or TV shows, you'd better jump on that. And might I recommend The Haunting of Hill House (as seen on Netflix)? Read my review and ratiing to see just how much I recommend this series (spoilers: A LOT!).


What the fuck just happened? I blinked and 5 months passed me by... Babies will suck the lifeforce out of you. It's scary. What's also scary is how much I liked the anime series from two seasons ago about dumb Japanese high schoolers going to Antarctica. Read my A Place Further Than the Universe anime review and rating to see why this should-have-been-skippable show became one of my favorites of the year. Then tell me that I'll get to sleep again someday... It doesn't matter when, or really if it's true... I just need to hear it.


I eat a lot of food in this new Daily, and I visually insult a homeless man. Find out how in my newest Foodie Daily!


Do you like violence and war with your feels? If you do, then here's Violet Evergarden for you! If you don't, well, just go ride a pony and cry by yourself how nobody but your tiny horse loves you. And your pony only loves you 'cause you feed it apples and shit. You have to buy your love.


Ohmygawd... New baby in the house... No sleep... Cupcake and I had to actually take turns going to see Infinity War. The past few weeks have been cray-zee. But here it is. My review of the ultimate teamup that has ever been dreamed up. Read deeply my Avengers - Infinity War movie review and rating.


I am apparently one of the few people on the internet who's not self-important-douchie enough to admit to actually liking the book Ready Player One. No, it's no War and Peace, but it was pretty goddamn entertaining.

So, what did I think of the master film maker Steven Spielberg's newest creation, Ready Player One - The Movie?.... It's a goddamn Steven Spielberg movie that doesn't feature Shia LePoof, what do you THINK I think of it? Jesus... Sometimes you people are pretty fucking stupid. Read my Ready Player One movie review and rating here now.

So here we go. This is a review of a movie that I first watched when it came to American theaters back in October of last year. I had my entire review all written out, but couldn't get anybody else to finish theirs, and then I forgot about it. Get off my back! But alas, here is the completed No Game No Life: Zero movie anime review and rating. Was it worth the wait? You tell me.... But yes, the answer is yes, it was.

Are you sick of the same old Whitey McWhiteperson superhero movies, where white people just do white things, use cool superhero gadgets, and fight bad guys to try and save the world? Well then, have I got a movie for you! In this movie, some black people do cool superhero things, use cool superhero tech, and fight to save their country from douchebags trying to take over the world! Read my Black Panther movie review and rating to see what I thought of Marvel Studio's newest feature!

Gambling problems CAN be entertaining! Don't let people tell you otherwise. If you have a friend who just can't stop playing the ponies or shuffling the deck, don't get him or her help; instead, enroll them in an elite Japanese school where they'll have a chance at eventually ruling Japan! Read my Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler anime review and rating to find out how!

FINALLY! An original family movie anime that doesn't try to look like or emulate a Studio Ghibli flick! I have waited years for something like this! What a breath of fresh air! What an escape! What a bold statement!... Too bad it was kind of boring, lame, and filled with stupid characters. Find out what I REALLY thought about the Napping Princess anime movie in my newest review and rating now!

Nothing NEW this week, but instead, something OLD. Like 1993-old! Read as I go back in time to review a movie that I originally hated when it first came out, and marvel at the fact that either A) I still loathe it, or B) I've actually changed my mind and now find it not-sucky! Guess! Go ahead and guess which you think happened! It'll be fun! Come on! Read my Last Action Hero movie review and rating now!

I am positive that the reason the creators of this almost boring anime called it "Just Because" was for the sole reason of being able to answer the question "Why the hell did you feel the need to waste this much money and this many man hours on this lame series?" they could simply say, "Just Because!" And then get a silly chuckle out of it. Find out what I thought of the Just Because anime inside!

Holy shit, we made it! It is now officially 2018. I didn't think that we had it in us...

The main reason that I'm surprised that I made it to 2018 is this fucking anime series: King's Game. I almost blew up my TV in order to just end the pain, and I would have used all the C4 that Doc Dave gave me last month (for the Christmas gift that I forgot to give to Jimmy Jammer) in order to make sure that I did the job properly, and that would have unfortunately taken out my whole neighborhood. And that just wouldn't have been fair to those people who hadn't seen King's Game. Anyway, read my King's Game anime review and rating to see why this show deserves my ire.

Oh, and GO DAWGS! Championship Game bound!


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