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Gambling problems CAN be entertaining! Don't let people tell you otherwise. If you have a friend who just can't stop playing the ponies or shuffling the deck, don't get him or her help; instead, enroll them in an elite Japanese school where they'll have a chance at eventually ruling Japan! Read my Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler anime review and rating to find out how!

FINALLY! An original family movie anime that doesn't try to look like or emulate a Studio Ghibli flick! I have waited years for something like this! What a breath of fresh air! What an escape! What a bold statement!... Too bad it was kind of boring, lame, and filled with stupid characters. Find out what I REALLY thought about the Napping Princess anime movie in my newest review and rating now!

Nothing NEW this week, but instead, something OLD. Like 1993-old! Read as I go back in time to review a movie that I originally hated when it first came out, and marvel at the fact that either A) I still loathe it, or B) I've actually changed my mind and now find it not-sucky! Guess! Go ahead and guess which you think happened! It'll be fun! Come on! Read my Last Action Hero movie review and rating now!

I am positive that the reason the creators of this almost boring anime called it "Just Because" was for the sole reason of being able to answer the question "Why the hell did you feel the need to waste this much money and this many man hours on this lame series?" they could simply say, "Just Because!" And then get a silly chuckle out of it. Find out what I thought of the Just Because anime inside!

Holy shit, we made it! It is now officially 2018. I didn't think that we had it in us...

The main reason that I'm surprised that I made it to 2018 is this fucking anime series: King's Game. I almost blew up my TV in order to just end the pain, and I would have used all the C4 that Doc Dave gave me last month (for the Christmas gift that I forgot to give to Jimmy Jammer) in order to make sure that I did the job properly, and that would have unfortunately taken out my whole neighborhood. And that just wouldn't have been fair to those people who hadn't seen King's Game. Anyway, read my King's Game anime review and rating to see why this show deserves my ire.

Oh, and GO DAWGS! Championship Game bound!


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