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It's almost Halloween, so if you haven't had time yet to watch any scary movies or TV shows, you'd better jump on that. And might I recommend The Haunting of Hill House (as seen on Netflix)? Read my review and ratiing to see just how much I recommend this series (spoilers: A LOT!).


What the fuck just happened? I blinked and 5 months passed me by... Babies will suck the lifeforce out of you. It's scary. What's also scary is how much I liked the anime series from two seasons ago about dumb Japanese high schoolers going to Antarctica. Read my A Place Further Than the Universe anime review and rating to see why this should-have-been-skippable show became one of my favorites of the year. Then tell me that I'll get to sleep again someday... It doesn't matter when, or really if it's true... I just need to hear it.


I eat a lot of food in this new Daily, and I visually insult a homeless man. Find out how in my newest Foodie Daily!


Do you like violence and war with your feels? If you do, then here's Violet Evergarden for you! If you don't, well, just go ride a pony and cry by yourself how nobody but your tiny horse loves you. And your pony only loves you 'cause you feed it apples and shit. You have to buy your love.


Ohmygawd... New baby in the house... No sleep... Cupcake and I had to actually take turns going to see Infinity War. The past few weeks have been cray-zee. But here it is. My review of the ultimate teamup that has ever been dreamed up. Read deeply my Avengers - Infinity War movie review and rating.


I am apparently one of the few people on the internet who's not self-important-douchie enough to admit to actually liking the book Ready Player One. No, it's no War and Peace, but it was pretty goddamn entertaining.

So, what did I think of the master film maker Steven Spielberg's newest creation, Ready Player One - The Movie?.... It's a goddamn Steven Spielberg movie that doesn't feature Shia LePoof, what do you THINK I think of it? Jesus... Sometimes you people are pretty fucking stupid. Read my Ready Player One movie review and rating here now.


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— Some guy in line at Home Depot
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