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I love the Pokemans. I want to choo-choo-choose the Pikachoos, and snuggle with the Snuffalupaguses. I am the Pokemans biggest fan, and today I can prove it! Read my Pokemans Daily to see why I am the greatest Pokee-hunter in the universes!


Do you like spoooooooooky things? I can go for them, but only if they're done well. Therefore I did NOT go for [Retards in] The Lost Village. See my Anime Review and Rating here.

But I did have to go for a new used car this past weekend. Guess how many people died. You can find out in a new Automobiley Daily!


Hold the phone! I'm coming! I'm here... See, I'm not dead. Though sometimes I wish I were... Moving sucks, people. And then continuing to travel back and forth from your old town to your new town (220 miles away) every weekend for a month sucks even more. But you know what's the WORST? Getting a root canal on top of all that shit.

But fuck my life at the moment. I'm here to present you with my new GATE Anime Review and Rating because elf chicks and death-goddess lolis. Enjoy!


Did you ever feel the need for an anime that was so powerful, so amazeballs, and so fucking well animated that it would blow your mind, and possibly be something you could show to all your non-anime fan friends, like Cowboy Bebop, as a way of making them understand just how great the medium could be again? Yeah, me too. Find out if Dimension W is the next genre-bending ultra series that'll make scoffers of anime apologize for ever insulting it! (The answer is "no," unfortunately, but read my review anyway. It's good for killing some time.)


Has the curse been lifted? Is this actually the third movie in a row where all three were GOOD? Some would argue that the Iron Man series had three solid showings, but others would not. So, what'd I think of Captain America - Civil War? Read my review and rating. Find out, man!


I like anime. I like carnivals too. Today's update contains one Myriad Colors Phantom World anime review, and one Fortune Teller Carny Daily.  Read them both. You have time. And they're both pretty short. And they have pictures. You like pictures.


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Quote of the Weak:"Did you know that this Cubone that I caught wears its mother's skull on its head?... I used to wear my mother's skin, but the cops took it away from me..."
— Somebody showing off their newly caught Pokemon Go Cubone to me downtown
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