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New year, new anniversary! This is the 25th year that I have been working on "The Rossman Chronicle," which then turned into Don't pretend that you're not impressed. As a celebration, here is my newest review of a children's show aimed at people much younger than myself. Read my Star vs. the Forces of Evil review and rating and celebrate with me!... There will be no punch or cookies. I apologize in advance.


Merry Christmas! You're not going to believe this, but I think that JJ Abrams totally redeemed himself and the Star Wars brand with The Rise of Skywalker! Instead of trying to come up with a story that wrapped up nine films in a logical and thoughtful manner, Abrams went "full retard," and tried his best to turn a five or six "fetch-quest" video game into a frantic and moronic flick with dull characters and situations. And because of that I was highly entertained (in a MST3K kind of way). Read my Rise of Skywalker movie review and you too will believe that people with no vision or plan can sink an "unsinkable" franchise like Star Wars!


Here's a surprise anime review for you. I just started this show on a whim, but finished it in a weekend, and then thought, "What the hell. Might as well write about it." So, what the hell... Here's my review and rating for YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World. It's wack.


It's been a while, the baby's now practically an adult, and so I found that I had some time to watch a lighthearted anime movie and review it for your pleasoyment. That movie is Violence Voyager, and I think I can promise that you've never seen anything like it in your lonely, miserable lives. Enjoy my review!


It is done. The main storyline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now complete. Here we stand after just experiencing Avengers: Endgame, and I am here to tell you that it is good. But is it the BEST Marvel movie ever? No. That honor goes to Roger Corman's Fantastic Four. But this is pretty high up on that list. Read my complete review now and be amazed at the avenging!


And now here's a review almost 20 years in the making! I dive headlong into what makes the Kingdom Hearts games so special... And by that I mean "Kingdom Hearts 1 holds a very special place in my heart," and "Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3 belong on the 'special school bus.'" Find out why in my newest Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, and 3 mega video game review!


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