is your one stop shop for everything from Reviews and Ratings and Roundtable Political Discussions to Exquisitely Written Essays that bring back memories of days gone by and Guides on How To Do Shit right. is not here for your amusement, it's just here for mine. Honestly, I'm my own biggest fan. It's not all ego, it's just that there's so much crap online that it's not really a competition. Yeah, this site is shitty too, but it smells slightly less fetid than than the rest of what's out there.



Kids in mortal danger! Yay! Who doesn't love watching cute kids get butchered by insane animals and sicknesses? Join me as I dive into Made in Abyss, the anime series that proves that good entertainment can come from torturing tots!


I'm pretty sure that there are countless songs written about being able to "do it all over" again. I never liked those tunes. And I dislike shit like Little Witch Academia too. No, I do NOT want to do Harry Potter all over again... Especially with a shitty budget and dull plot. Find out what I REALLY think about the anime Little Witch Academia inside!


Did Marvel hit another grand slam with their newest superhero teamup work, The Defenders? Is this Netflix show as much fun as Avengers or Captain America: Civil War?... No. Not by a longshot. But you can read all about my review and rating for The Defenders here. Oh, and here's a Dragon*Conny Daily for you too. It's all good!


Two things this week! I KNOW! I must have gone mad! First up, an anime review and rating of Kuromukuro, a show about a time-trippin' samurai fool! Then, we have an Eclipsy Daily all about demons and hellspawn and Donald Trump looking right at the sun. I'm dead serious. All that shit happened.


Didn't Rick Moranis already do this show? Gravedale High? "Please take a seat, yeah. We're dyin' to meet ya!" I thought this premise sounded familiar. Weird. Japan may be decades ahead of us in regards to cyber-girlfriends and hentai, but they're 30 years behind us when it comes to shows about weird high school shit. Next they'll be remaking Galaxy High. Anyway, here's my Interviews with Monster Girls anime review and rating.


Yay... It's yet another Spider-Man movie... With yet another dude playing Spider-Man... I am so excited... This is probably the greatest thing since battery-operated dildos... I mean, so I've been told... Check out my Spider-Man: Homecoming movie review and rating to see just how spectacular, and amazing, and sensational this thing is. Huzzah...


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