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I finally found the time to get through a new anime series. Unfortunately that series was Kill la Kill. Find out why it gave me indigestion of the brain inside! Here's my Kill la Kill anime review and rating.



Fuck AT&T up its collective ass with a giant rubber dildo! My internet's been down for going on 5 days now and their U-Verse techs have no idea why... They've been out to my house and the local switch at least 6 times already. So I'm using my across the street neighbor's wi-fi signal to get this week's update online. It's only a day late which ain't too too bad. And the Kettleburys really need to change their wi-fi password. 12345 is the kind of combination an idiot would put on their luggage. Anyway, here's my Captain America - The Winter Soldier movie review and rating. Done.



Back to UPDATES ON WEDNESDAYS! Because I say so.


Oh, and a double movie review and rating today: The Raid - Redemption, and DREDD. Enjoy, and Happy Spring.



I'm tired, it's late. Here's a The Wind Rises Miyazaki anime movie review and rating, and a Children's Theater Daily.
Now I snore.



It only took me a little over a year to get the next day done in Mehve's and my most excellent trip to Japan page. But here it is. It is epic, full of seafood and shrines, and bears. And ramen. And trains. Oh, and introducing DUAL! You'll get to know Dual quite intimately in the future. Oh yes. And you'll LIKE it!





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